Welcome to Jacob Head’s website! This website is a miscellaneous collection of information (e.g. concerts, websites, photography and other projects), which have all needed to be put online at some point.


A Barrister’s Wig.

I practise law professionally in England & Wales as a barrister. Details of my practice are available on a seperate website—http://www.giffordhead.co.uk—which also includes a number of articles about topics of law which I find interesting.

A Port decanter.

Port & The Douro

Some separate pages have some articles about Port and the Port trade, as well as some tasting notes for Ports I have tried.

A man playing a flageolet.


I am very interested in flageolets which are a type of musical instrument popular until the late-19th Century. I maintain a separate website about them: The Pleasant Companion—The Flageolet Site.

Older Pages

Warning: the following pages are very old and may not have been updated in many years.

A double bass.

Other Music

I have played the double-bass in quite a few orchestras and other ensembles over the years, although regrettably opportunities for playing the instrument solo are quite rare. However, the programme, adverts and a review of a recital of unaccompanied double–music I gave at Selwyn College (on the 28th January 2007) and Kettle’s Yard (on the 16th February 2007) are all preserved here.

Other things that have ended up online include this ancient article for a school magazine about some of the concerts given whilst I was in the sixth–form.

Some cuniform.


As an undergraduate, I studied Mesopotamian history and archæology at Selwyn College, University of Cambridge. My eventual dissertation Chordophones in the Near East: a Comparative Perspective was an effort to understand the existence and similarities of chordophones throughout the Ægean, Egypt, the Levant, Mesopotamia and Anatolia from an early period.

I won Oxford University’s 2004 G.E. Wainwright Prize for Near Eastern Archæology for an essay looking at the motives of the British archæologist Sir Leonard Woolley, particularly at his early excavations in Ur.

The CUSU Logo.

Student Politics & University Governance

A University I was somewhat involved in Student Politics and University Governance. I held various positions in the Cambridge University Students’ Union, the most significant being Education Officer between 2005 and 2007. My handover documentation which includes some details of what I was interested in, is still available online.

In 2007, I was involved in a successful campaign to encourage students to opt-out of the National Student Survey. As the Cambridge University Student Union’s policy has since changed somewhat, I have preserved a copy of the information page which I authored.

I also sat on a number of University bodies. From this, two senate–house speeches I gave as part of University Discussions are available.

Websites & Other Technical Bits

Over the last few years, I have worked on a number of website projects, including my personal site devoted to flageolets, one for Selwyn College JCR and CUMS TIMPANI system. If you are interested you can find out more about these projects.

You can also read how I used to play files from Naxos Music Library on Linux (possibly out of date).

The various scripts, codes and other projects have now been moved to a separate page.

Various versions of the CUMS Logo are also available, produced from version of the logo on one of CUMS’ bass-drums.