The following is essentially the CUSU–related contents of my hard–drive, which has built up over the last few years. All the documents are .pdfs so they should open from almost every computer. You can also download the whole lot (excluding the manifesto, as it is about 6MBs), either as a .zip or .tar.gz. Also, have a look at the Education Section of the CUSU Website, as I have tried to avoid duplicating what is there.

If I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to contact me at:  ­e­m­a­i­l­@­J­a­c­o­b­-­H­e­a­d­.­c­o­m­.

General Education–Officer Issues

One of my first tasks was to get a motion passed by CUSU Council which set out the Rôle of the Education Officer as I saw it. I also made a set of (not very good) logos, with the University's arms worked into an “E”. The Education Officer's personal logo is shown above. There was also a General Logo; one for the Education Network; Faculty Forum; and a little version of the “E”.

Other general issues which I touched on were Photocopying charges; Saturday Exams (for which this motion was written and passed); Plagiarism (another motion, though never, in the end, proposed) and Student Contracts (ditto). I also wrote a bad article about transferable skills for Varsity.

The National Student Survey has become quite a big issue. I wrote a Press Release which was quoted in various newspapers (and the BBC) and drew some images (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) based on the NSS Logo.

Finally, there is a copy of my Manifesto and some Lent 2006 “Reports and Plans” (I was never very good at submitting these…).

Faculty Issues

Trying to attract people to stand in the Faculty Elections is always a big problem and takes a lot of time. This year I designed some posters (there are various sizes, e.g. A4, website–sized and with a “Click here” logo); sent out a letter to all faculties with a “Running a Faculty Election” document and a election results form. In the past, when I had more time, I also wrote a letter to all new student faculty board members and have tried to send out this Guidance, although it has never got beyond draft stage. To help new members, I wrote a Glossary of University jargon and extracted the relevant parts of Statute K,20 (which deals with Reserved Business) and other Statutes which might be helpful for new student members.

I did also have plans to make the Faculty Forum more important than it currently is. I therefore wrote a draft Constitution which was passed by CUSU Council (with this motion and appendix), although no–one ever actually updated the Standing Orders. In addition to the papers on the Website, I also wrote a Pro–Forma letter which student faculty board members could use to request that faculty minutes would be published in a more open fashion. Finally, there is the motion on Faculty Forum Voting Rights, which was passed with a hostile amendment (which reduced the voting rights to one per faculty).

Although it is more of a General–Board issue, I also wrote a paper for SACSM on student membership of the Councils of the Schools, which I then reworked into a Discussion Speech. This proposal was broadly accepted and should be implemented next year. In a similar vein, I also wrote speech about the future of Oriental Studies.

The Charter For Change

This was going to be a CUSU Priority Campaign, bringing together the various autonomous campaigns to campaign for change to the University's education system. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, it never got off the ground (for the second time; it had also been talked about in the year before). However, it received some positive coverage in Varsity and, should it work, it might be a good idea. This is my first working document on it, with a proposal for the CUSU Executive and a Leaflet sent to all college JCR/MCR Presidents and External Officers.

CUSU Miscellany

Other stuff I have worked on in CUSU has included proposals for better clerking of CUSU meetings (when this was a big issue); better use of IT; some amendments to the Development and Planning Committee's new Constitution and Standing Orders (some of the first draft were accepted, the rest were taken to CUSU Council and rejected); an amendment to a motion on trustees; a proposal for a Presidential Debate (which also appeared on the website in a slightly different form); a draft policy on Volunteers; a leaflet entitled “What Does CUSU Do for you?”; an Info Sheet on the NUS and some Proposals for reforming the way in which CUSU Council debates NUS motions.