Port is a fortified wine produced in Northern Portugal.

The following pages give some more information and projects about Port and the Port trade.

  1. An interactive Map of the Douro;
  2. My Port records & tasting notes;
  3. A diagram of the different styles of Port;
  4. Personalised Port notebooks;
  5. Some information about the major Port-producing Quintas (vineyards);
  6. Joseph Forrester’s map from 1844 of the wine region of the Douro; and
  7. An interactive Port Timeline.

I would like to buy or borrow a copy of “Oporto Old and New” by Charles Sellers and “Oporto Older and Newer” by Gerald Cobb. If you have a copy and can help me with either, please contact me at: port­@­J­a­c­o­b­-­H­e­a­d­.­c­o­m­.

A line drawing of a decanter