Centre Map On:

Centre Map On:

† = No longer exists
* = Known by a significantly different name today
? = Current circumstances unknown

Joseph Forrester’s Map of the Douro Wine District


To modern eyes, what is particularly striking about the map is the number of Quintas in the Baixo Corgo (today not associated with the production of quality Port wine) compared to the lack of Quintas out in the far Douro Superior, which was still barely navigable in the mid-19th Century. Indeed, Forrester’s map ends just after Quinta do Vesuvio, around 50 miles from the modern end of the demarcated zone. Interestingly, though, whilst many of those Quintas in the Cima Corgo and Baixo Corgo are now obscure, the names of those in the Douro Superior (e.g. Vesuvio, Canais, Vargellas) are all still associated with the highest quality wines.

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