Alone was a recital of Double Bass music I gave at Selwyn College on the 28th January 2007. If you like, you can read the Programme.

Review of Alone

"This was not quite like anything I had seen before. Tonight Jacob provided us with a baffling performance that trod a fine line between bizarre hilarity, pretentious toss, and atmospheric magic. Although everyone present knew they were in for something a little peculiar, I was not expecting to come away from it feeling actually unsettled.

Throughout he offered a masterclass in alternative techniques in contra bass playing. These included truly impressive use of harmonics, aggressive percussion, all sorts of tonal tricks, a rather disturbing charade of copulating butterflies on the neck of the instrument, and even some unnervinglyloud screaming and shouting at one point.

Despite the perhaps challenging program—including works by Stefan Schafer and Teppo Hauta-Aho—Jacob managed to retain the attention of the audience to the end, and at several points succeeded in generating a truly chilling atmostphere.

Highlights of the performance included the free improvisation (an unholy racket becoming quite charming), and the premiere of the superbly dark, moody, angsty Ad Infinitum by renowned Cambridge-based composer Edward Nesbit."

James Tallant, Varsity, 2ndFebruary 2007.

Original Adverts

Unfortunately, many Cambridge concerts seem to suffer from a lack of interesting and unusual music. Therefore if would like to hear music by living composers for perhaps the worst-designed instrument known to man then Selwyn College is the place to be on the 28th. Alternative, just come heckle/laugh/throw inanimate objects. Tickets are a mere £4 (with concessions at £2.50 and SCMS members being free).

The Recital's Poster