Below are the details of some recent website projects on which I have worked.

Selwyn College JCR — A fairly large project to revive and reinvigorate a college JCR website. A new Content–Management–System was installed; new templates were drawn up; content was transferred from a number of sites (including several defunct ones); an existing forum was incorporated and the JCRC trained. Some mock-ups of the site which explored various colour/style schemes are available.

Selwyn JCR Website

The Flageolets Site — A particular interest of mine is the flageolet family of fipple flutes. There being a complete lack of information about them on the World-Wide-Web, I have tried to maintain a site dedicated to all aspects of flageolet playing.

The Pleasant Companion Website — My personal site which changes quite frequently to allow me play around with my webdesign. This is the most recent version: Website

CUSU Education Campaigns — As CUSU's Education Officer, I try to run various education-related campaigns for the Students' Union which call for reform of the University's education-related policies, attitudes and procedures.

CUSU Education Campaigns Website

TIMPANI TIMPANI is CUMS' recursively-named online booking system for musical instruments which I have managed and developed since February 2005.


Firefox Search Bars for Cambridge — Some search plug-ins I created which search the university's email directory and web-site from the Firefox search bar.

Ballot Generator — A ballot randomiser created for CUSU's first electionic election.